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Viruses and you:

to assume people understand or care for things is very slim, since most people are boring.. boring as the area.
When people get bored or are prolongly bored for too long of a time, a Hippie and a few-niggerS (..2-16[...max out on a few{..=s16 /...true/}]
will invite themselves into your life or EVEN LIVES at the time.

When something is seen from far away before it attacks a nigger will be present with THE ENTIRE(... ?[..yes.]) LINE of Hippies.

As they do a job against you and your life they chant (..surprisingly: 100-2,000 people are needed to say chant TO ONE PLACE[...5-6 yards squared {..true.}] for the full capitalized word/CHANT/ to be formed by OBVIOUS-ATTACK; then destroyed to be seen by the eyes.

OBVIOUS-attack spelt in any way or in any-way
(..spelt " oddly " [...ture.] above) must happen during or before the cHANTERS{..spelt more for emphasis for the next use of chant... /..even tough very true at the time.../\..2,000 or more people |true| have to die to leave behind the word chant on paper |...true|\}
have finished making any word including chant in it.
Being destroyed, by Hippes; from beginning to end caused niggerS to pull THE ONLY TURN AROUND(...recorded.[..true-true]) on and with items made to chant on, for, and with.
When They(...niggerS) turned around towards Hippies to PLOT EVIL
(...hilariously spelt THAT way [..a really fast recc'o way of designing yourself for failure butt-to-crotch overall] {..that only happens to surprisingly niggerS as Hippies die into them and out of the place /... !\..true\/ too fast |...also true..| 80,400 miles per hour}).
and CAUSE living mischiefs.

Living mischiefs are a stolen tactic of begging something you want too much, maybe even in the wrong way; and when living mischiefs were used by Hippies they only chanted.
When the Hippies chanted where they wanted too and surprisingly SOMEWHERE proving the use and power of begging wrongly the EVIL PLOT was then formed at first and an idea
(..a type of loud paper that can stemm[..2 ' m's ' { almost painfully connect from the ears and eyes}.)
THEN 18 MODERN DAY fireworks
(...modern day fireworks are discribed as fireworks made in America between 1994[..surprisingly] and now {2021}/...modern day fireworks have no true flame and are made out of niggerS kissing Hippies/...suprisingly kissing between them is in a LOVERS \|.. ! ...true!| way; but involves the lips meeting in care and passions in fire, to glow to a burn where the remaints of FLAVORS make and enforce every touch of their lips with injury and damage causing the fire works to dangerously light, work, and explode|..true| .\)
are hidden aback towards what Hippies thought they could make more niggerS towards-and-with.

When niggerS immediately alerted their makers they CLAPPED
(..with manufactured Hippie's hands [...surprisingly safe {..true}])
a false pair of hands upon all 18 of them, to try to yell CHANT in this other direction where the 18 fireworks went towards; or could have went, or went towards at all.. well.
In accuracy and knowledge bestowed it was the niggerS and Hippies MADE THE ONLY THING THEY EVER WOULD; viruses and no thing else like it in a supposed chant of space dedicated to being heard then talked to trough the use of the originally made IDEA.

It took 14 seconds for a virus to fall off the idea physically made by THEM
and every 12 seconds later one fell afterward and always would; and after the intial concurring 12 seconds.. ...and by the time the third virus fell Hippies had already screamed THEIR FINAL SCREAM;.. making the word : " Viruses " yelled diagonal to the back-left OF where they chose to CHANT and eco it with THEM,.. ...FROM THEN ON the word " Viruses " stayed there verbably with the recreational superpower of Hippies to die-to-a-place,... ..and will pass this very day
(...Sunday April, 11th; 2021).

When Hippeis ' die-to-a-place ' niggerS stay up front and rear them as well as THEM too.
Making dieing-to-a-place very dangerous in a sharp chokeing way against each human-like lifeform.
As a ONE circled line with ONE place; sillily they kept ahold of viruses, making them widespread through the means of ' " ' U-ING THE LINE ' " '.
Hippies choose who to SHOW viruses and niggerS await to attack after Hippies usher, askew, and re-order-orders to the U-ED or U-ING LINE as they perpousfully mistake niggerS as people to SHOW and choosed to look as if they are ignoring them; Hippies surprisingly do this in any form of action or awaiting-action
(...NEVER actions [..true]).


Viruses are a contained noise of a metal gone bad in the scent of FLAVORS.
Flavors are an opposition a normalcy to water niggerS made by LAWFULL PERPOUS with the aid of The Food and Drug Administration.
Flavors are only made out of the screams of niggerS and rest on the CHEAPEST of precooked or prepared foods as a SPICE ( salt, pepper, or sugar.)
Hippies use flavors and spices in public or known to use the act of dieing REALLY-TINY to trade and hold spices against the fake pair of hands that hold the VIRUSES to fall on their BUILT IDEA in a hopefull and unconcerned with;..., saftey, or the area around the area-of-effect
(4-18 miles around themselves [2-6 inches if or after worked on])

Viruses are a WORD SHAPED attack designed against people talking with a broken speaker to mic trick known and called N.A.T.O.'s Camera 4
(..N.A.T.O.'s camera 4 was used to stop and halt the area-of-effect damage Hippies make and HAVE with niggerS; with the ability to sharp letters before or after, faster than its competition [ 'sharp' is to cut out letters or words with-and-without eco {...with-and-without eco MEANS: to DO tHIS or tHAT WITHOUT oxygen}).

Viruses, Hippies, and niggerS

Viruses hold a serious threat and danger for they are ALMOST MAGICAL or wouldn't be presented as NOT MAGICAL to you by a Hippies search for someone unentertained to infect with it.
Viruses are only attached and burnt in trough the agreence of A WORDS ability to mock, and act like the ATTACK of a-Hippie
(1/4 of the recordable lifetime of a Hippie [...squished together painfully])
through a nigger it has created.

Eventhough scary and not worth it VIRUSES are LOUD and look VERY COOL.
Viruses look glamorous around, and bloody inward towards their black center; that holds 19 colors that shine like wasted electricity off the back.
Viruses will communicate as well; so keep your distance from TALKING words from others or FOUND NEAR others.
They truly will talk, and will attack after an INVESTIGATIVE 1 to 2 weeks; where the word itself will UNVIOLENTLY visit and one day turn to accept it's fate INTO your throat and die into a stench with the help of COMMUNICATION with an a-Hippie, and it's ability the U-THE-LINE into the smell of paper to CUT the word in dieing trough the stench with their ability to die-with-it yelling at it, fall trough, and around VERY SMALL.

Viruses being so basic means they're easy to tell, trail, and trace back to orgin or originality with Hippies or niggerS.

Viruses are a noise and noises recieve the LOWEST VALOR and make up letter-to-word definitional phrases still used in math and science to this very date (April, 11th; 2021) and beyond as well.

Viruses are easily defined as:

Noises niggers made for Hippies to try to kill you by getting you to ' hang-out with them '.


V - to lunge
I - to list
R - to kill
U - to have been made
S - evily


V - to lunge
I - to list
R - to kill
U - to have been made
S - evily
E - involvement of 5 people plus 21 places
S - evil-

Virus unpluraled is actually defined as:

12,000 places of noise.

Whilst viruses are what you should be concerned about and scared of.
Be wary of a VIRUS
they are VERY SHARP and ABLE TO FOLLOW and even though hard to find still a danger above to this day
(...April, 11th; 2021).

YOU CAN CALL 911 to CLEAN or SORT any VIRUS OR VIRUSES that need to be STOPPED or RIDDED of.

Remeber it takes alot of time and effort to catch VIRUSES or to be hurt by a VIRUS, don't be tricked or fooled and help yourself out of a Hippies gag-prank-of-terrorism by calling 911 and issuing concern or warning; AND LOCATION.

911 is truly ran and operated by CONTROLLED Hippies that can no longer talk to niggerS trough the CONGRESSIONAL ACT 5 OF 2001; so REMEBER to TRUST IT a little for COTASTROPHE or MEDICAL EMEGENCY at any or ALL TIMES.

I said A LITTLE and you know it;...
it's because it's always good to stay talkative, lawfull, and present to THEM or anyone like THEM;.. such as law officers, law officals, or bankers because they are truly an EXILED PART OF BEING EVIL and should be treated as so bit with RESPECT and VERY FEW WORDS.

Brave Master


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