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One day i shall be buried quietly to the world a sleep so deep no one can hear. No one can feel my energy because it will burn out just like a flame possibly forgotten.
will i be remembered as a good mom or a good wife?
 or will i be remembered as a snake with a knife? will i be the mom of 3 who cherished her baby's held them tight cuddled at night? Reading a book and making up funny voices? Just to hear them laugh. 
Will i be remembered as the sun that shined so bright lit up his day even his night? Will my poems set a sea or live  within me dead and lonely?
 Will i be remembered  as scars, pain, the woman who went insane. Will you remember my crys, my screams, my fight or my courage, my strength my might? Will i be remembered for the things i made the dress the bows the smiles  put on little faces. I hope i die remembered for all thy good, for all my love for my children even the ones above I hope to be remembered by my  hubby as not just his wife but his best friend. So hold me tight and remember me and don't let my poetry fall a sleep


  • Apr 11, 2021

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