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I want to feel the Aisle,
To dance πŸ‘― my feet to the Isle,
Facing you, echoing to my ears πŸ‘‚,
Saying, I do!
The vow to leave my loved ones,
The vow to seperate from all to clinge to you,
Promise to take, vow to uphold,
Till death πŸ’€do us part.
I will summon the sorcerer in camelot,
To chant his spells to uphold the day β˜€,
To fasten the time ⌚ putting my wish in line,
For in you i found the me,
A rib of my rib for none to say nay
The ring πŸ’ we shall wear,
May you kiss 😘 the bride πŸ‘° will be heard,
The veil πŸ‘° will be removed,
A kiss 😘 will flow,
And the bouquet πŸ’ will be thrown,
Forever and happily ever after.
A bag πŸ‘œ of tuber, 7 barrels of oil β›½,
2 packs of salt, 10 boxes of attires,
I'm ready to pay the prize.
Thomas Oluwatosin
Β©Fearless Lines


  • Feb 28, 2021

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