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Our world revolves around what we desire.

It encapsulates our will, our wanting. 

The chitter and chatter of what we think matter. Our world is defined by what we want to see or at least what we want others to believe we see. 

Meaning in our world truly holds no value, unless a price tag or an emotional response is recorded; most often than not, its the acknowledgment of our meaning that we strive for. 

Vulnerability in most of our worlds isnt cherished, its ostracized, forbidden but for those whose worlds forecast their lack of hubris and ego see other’s worlds with a clear mind who harbour no judgment and in-turn they get to make a home in an other’s world. 

Whatever world we seek, albeit, one of wealth, love, passion or community, its reach isnt that far. Closing the gap between those dreams, however, isnt easy. The gravity of one’s own doubt anchors them to seize what they want in their world—to seize your desire, you have to look past your selfishness, and delusions of a perfect world in order to have peace. 

In peace, we have unity no superficial notions, less wars and freedom. We turn our backs on each other, not to stab but, rather, to guard and hold when our world falls apart. Realizing each others worth will transpire a foundation of natural happiness, selfless love and lament. We would produce such a life which competes with God’s Eden but we would strive for its perfection, nurturing one another and bask in each other’s devotion to love. 


  • Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Sir, No doubt, vulnerability is not liked and ostracized if we can do; it is human nature that everyone wishes to live in peace and happiness. Rather, we search oftentimes peace, happiness and prosperity. why do we lament, Sir! when Adam and Eve were very happy when they were expelled from Paradise and lived happily in this gruesome world and never tried to return to the garden of God 'Eaden' because love of mankind made them to live in their own paradise on earth. Without knowledge and wisdom they were just like Kickshaws or robots of God whom the God created and played for amusement. You may comment that elysium is in the love of Adam and Eve where carnal desire and pleasure are essential to run the human race that the God wanted to create and run and maintain.

    Feb 28, 2021

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