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What is depression? It's feeling too much, and then feeling nothing at all. It's the feeling of loneliness in a room full of people. It's the need to be alone, but not wanting to be lonely. It's the fear of being around other people, because you think that no one will understand the way you feel, or that no one will care. It's the smile you wear and the struggle to maintain it. It's having racing thoughts but a blank mind. It leaves you exhausted. All the time. It keeps you from doing the things you used to love. Socializing becomes overwhelmingly scary. Just getting out of bed everyday becomes a chore. It's not laziness. It simply cannot be helped. Doing anything in such a state is difficult. It's stressful to an extreme. That stress changes the way you see things. The smallest things seem to cause the biggest problems. It starts to feel like the entire world is against you, and life begins to feel less and less worth living. It can hurt just as much, if not more than physical pain. It leaves you drained. Taking care of yourself slowly becomes unthinkable. It's the worst feeling in the world.

-Depression is not a choice. It's not easy to live with, and it shouldn't be taken lightly. 


  • Am glad someone spoke about depression,what you clearly stated is the fact.I used to have depression...and I didn't chose to be in that state but luckly am doing well now.To all those undergoing depression its best if you seek early medication,find a way to release what is disturbing you(I write poems to calm myself down),find someone to talk to.Find a way to find your happiness back.

    Mar 28, 2021

  • well written mam😊 and one shouldn't be depressed. one should try to chill and not think much on any particular topics.. in INDIA we've lost nearly 10-15 celebrities just because of depression.... they are the people who used to be in limelight and lonely. but we are common persons we can share our goods and bads with our family and friends🙏

    Mar 28, 2021

  • It's on point. Very well written as well.

    Mar 28, 2021

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