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Alone and tending to the abandoned daughter, a single father,

Withering within the Cathartic Monsoon protecting the frail bloom,

Anvils of Bereavement from Atrocious Deportment were frequent,

The Irascible Jezebel peeling my Dilapidated Soul with her hell,

I'm Shouldering All Burdens to protect the innocent as I'm determined,

Her Hallucinatory enhancement prevented any further advancement,

For I'm stuck in a timeless Loop with a wooden heart suffering a coup,

Her Supreme Inhumanity brought my Ponderous Endeavour in calamity,
I'm Successfully Failing because of her Barbarity in Knavery,

Within Agonies Abysm, I'm lost because of her Perfidy Execution in a prism,

Resusicating hope to find inner peace, for her actions drain me and I'm very weak,

This Sycophant Fornicator had me climbing an OverBarren Mountain from a crater,

Lost and Bemused with a plaguing Specter, searching for anything better,

Interminable Suffering was my apparel as I was Powerless to Alleviate Peril,

Life's Contradictions crossing the OverBarren Desert, 
Was the devil's choir in concert,

Chasing Alice in Wonderland was my Denial of Betrayal,
Drifting in a black ocean with no sail,

For this Murderess Wickedness had Godless Lethality,
Concealing my faith in another reality,

Because this Nefarious Scoundrel had me Smitten with Agony,
Living in torment facing blasphemy,

My Daydreaming Nightmares brought Arduous Malaise, 
Blocking my sight within this blaze,

This Impugn Love was my Soulful Chastisement,
Loving misery was my Amplified Bereavement,

Struggling Against All Odds by Charlatans Widow,
Unable to escape because I couldn't let go,

As a Prisoner of the Heart I'm Gasping for Water, waiting for my untimely slaughter,

In light of all the negativity airborne,
I'm now Regretfully Careworn. 


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    Mar 28, 2021

  • Mar 28, 2021

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