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After science class, Clay and Erica are walking together.

"So, are you going to tell me why you don't like girls?” Erica asks Clay.

"Not too loud, do you want everybody here to hate me?" Clay tells Erica.

"Fine, let's talk quieter", said Erica in a lower voice.

"I had my heart was broken by a girl, when I was in elementary, and since then I don't like any girls, young, old, teens, you get my point", Clay admitted in a whisper.

"So, do you have friends that happen to be friends?" Erica asks Clay in a whisper.

"I hung out with girls, but I distance myself enough so none of the girls get a crush on me", Clay whispers.

"You can't avoid that forever", said Erica in a whisper.

"I can try", Clay insisted in a whisper.

"So, you will date guys?" Erica asks in a whisper.

"No, I just won't date", said Clay in a whisper.

"Even if a star like me asked you out?" Erica asks Clay in a whisper.

"I would never get that close", Clay whispers, as he walks away.

“What if I don't turn away?" Erica asks Clay in a whisper, in front of Clay.

"You are really testing me", said Clay.

"Is that a problem?" Erica asks Clay.

"Yes, no, maybe", said Clay, then walked away.

"You haven't been tested, let me guess you are the normal nice boy that nobody really tests", Erica figured out.

"You are correct, and my dad wants me to change that", Clay admits it.

"Maybe we can change that", said A voice.

Clay and Erica turn around to see Matthew and Melvin.

"If you want to be our friend", said Melvin.

"Of course", said Clay.

"Wait, how long, were you listening?" Erica asks Matthew and Melvin, being cautious.

"The whole time, sorry", Matthew admitted.

"You probably think it's silly", said Clay.

"Nah, it's totally normal to have trust issues after that", said Melvin.

"But, you know you didn't answer whether you would like to date a guy", Matthew pointed out.

"Like said, not going to happen", said Clay.

"I have a feeling you are wrong", said Erica.

"Interesting, you wanna bet?" asked Melvin.

"Sure", said Erica.

"Oh, so the pop star likes to bet. Ten dollars if I'm right", said Melvin.

"Twenty dollars, if you're wrong", said Erica.

"Uh, is this really happening?” asked Clay.

"Yup, and you're actually starting to sound like a normal boy around this age", Matthew pointed out.

"That was an off comment and that doesn't help explain how I can keep this up", said Clay.

"Easy, follow our lead", said Melvin.

''Yeah and don't worry, we won't lead you astray", said Matthew.

Clay looks at Erica, and asks "You really want to be my friend?" 

"Yes, after all you are kind, not fake, and  you don't care about my career; you see me as a normal person", Erica points out.

"Great'', said Clay, then hugs Erica.

Erica and Clay separate.

"I'm sorry, I'm a hugger", Clay apologizes to Erica. "I probably should get rid of that''.

"Well, put in the maybe section", said Melvin. "Until group hug".

Melvin pulls Matthew, Clay, and Erica for a group hug.

Bell rings.

"Great, I'm going to be late for my second period", said Clay.

"Where is it?" asked Matthew.

"It's across the hall", said Clay.

Melvin breaks up the hug, takes Clay's hand, and they head to class 24b; which is right by the boy's bathroom.

"Thanks, Melvin", said Clay, then looked at Melvin. "Do you go to class here?"

"No, my class is gym, see ya after class", said Melvin, then runs off.

Clay enters art class.

In art class, there were canvases, students painting, and the teacher was talking.

The teacher has short black hair, white skin, wearing a red shirt with red swirls, blue jeans with dark blue stripes, and white shoes.

The teacher's name is Mr. Yasser.

Mr. Yasser turns to Clay, looks at his clipboard, and asks "And you are?''

"Clay Sato'', said Clay.

"Well, Clay, you can sit in-between The boy with rainbow hair and the boy with pink hair", said Mr. yasser.

Clay walks to his seat, and sits down.

The boys who are sitting beside Clay smile at him.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Cloud 9", said the boy who has rainbow hair, which is unicorn-shaped on the top, then points to the boy who has short pink hair. "His name is Casper, he doesn't talk much".

Casper shakes Clay's hand.

"Pleasure to meet you too", said Clay.

"And I'm Belle, pleasure to meet you", said Belle.

Belle has short red hair in the front, and long hair in the back.

Clay shakes Belle's hand, and says "It's great to meet all of you, what were we doing?''

"Drawing our favorite characters from cartoons", said Cloud 9.

"Here's some paper", said Belle, as she puts paper on the desk by Clay.

"Thank you", said Clay.

"And we have to use colored pencils, so if you don't have any they are at an empty desk by the door", said Belle.

"Thank you very much", replied Clay.

Clay got out colored pencils that were in his bookbag, put them on his desk, and zipped his bookbag back up.

"So, who are you going to draw?" asked Belle, curiously.

"Tadao from Gambles and Shares", said Clay.

"You mean that cartoon that got cancelled because it influenced gambling as a good thing for teens with the main character being gay?" asked Belle.

"Yup, I've been making my own comics for the show", said Clay.

"No way!” exclaimed Cloud 9 and Belle.

"Yeah, if you want I can show it to you some time", Clay offered.

"I would love to see it", said Belle.

"Me too", said Cloud 9.

Casper gives Clay a thumbs up.

"Well, my comics are right here", said Clay, as he gets the comics out of his bag.

Belle looks through the comics at top speed and smiles.

"Okay, here's another one", said Clay, giving one comic to Casper and Cloud 9.

"This art is amazing, and the dialogue is just like from the show", said Cloud 9.

"I like how he has an apprentice in this", said Belle.

Clay smiles at all the compliments he is being given.


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