Clay’s Tale Chapter 2 Read Count : 16

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The door of the principal's office is open.

Clay walks out of the office and whispers "The coast is clear".

Erica comes out of the office, wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a black jacket.

Erica is following Clay's lead, while he is holding her hand.

"Just stay cool", said Clay, while looking around, but not looking at Erica.

"Clay, do you mind if I ask you a question?" asked Erica, while looking at Clay.

"If you're wondering why I'm barely talking to you, it's because I don't like girls, no offense", said Clay, trying to sound calm, and not rude.

"Oh, so you don't hate me personally?” asked Erica, while making a smile.

"No, I don't hate you personally", said Clay, then runs.

"Then prove it, look at me", Erica asks Clay.

Clay turns around to Erica, and says "Listen, I will explain why I hate girls later, if you want to know, but not right now".

"I understand", said Erica.

"Good", said Clay.

Clay leads Erica to the classroom, then closes the door behind him.

"Now, can you explain why you don't like girls?" asked Erica.

Erica takes off her sunglasses and hat and gives it to Clay.

Clay puts the sunglasses and the hat into the bag.

"Well", said Clay, then somebody screams.

"It's Erica Bloom!" replied somebody.

Erica and Clay look around and see a girl who has long silver hair on the right, brown hair on the left, wearing a music note barrette, a white shirt with a swirl on, blue jeans, and white shoes named Sadie.

Beside Sadie is Penny, a boy who has short black hair, brown skin, wearing a blue shirt with the letters 'PV' on it, black jeans, and white shoes.

By Sierra, a girl who is long purple, white skin, wearing a white shirt, blue skirt, and white shoes.

Last is Perry, a boy who has short blue hair on the right side, long brown hair on the left, wearing a white shirt with blue stripes, blue jeans, and white shoes

Perry, Sadie, and Sierra walk to Erica.

"Hello", said Erica. "I'm sorry, but I was talking to a friend, so autographs and questions later".

"A friend?" Clay questioned

Perry and Penny surround Clay, and Perry asks "You know Erica?"

"For how long?” asked Penny.

'Oh, I got Clay in trouble', thought Erica.

'Man, I barely know her, I just happened to go to her concert because of my mom', thought Clay..

Erica puts her arm around Clay's shoulder, and says "We knew each other for two months, we at first were just a fan and a star, then we talked more. He is kinda shy, so he doesn't say much".

"Oh, well we're sorry for bugging you two, we'll ask for autographs later", said Sierra, while walking away with Sadie and Perry.

"Why did you lie?” Clay asks in a whisper.

"Do you want them to annoy you with a thousand questions on why a normal person like is hanging out with a star like me, are we in a relationship, etc?" Erica points out in a whisper.

“We won't be able to keep up this lie for long", Clay whispers.

"We won't have to, I promise, now can you answer my question from earlier", Erica promises in a whisper.

A bunch of kids run into the classroom and are talking among each other.

A woman walks in the classroom, she has two ponytails, one ponytail has silver hair, one ponytail has black hair, wearing a blue shirt, long black skirt, and white heels; holding a notebook, clipboard, and a regular book.

The woman's name is Ms. Heaven.

Ms. Heaven puts her notebook. clipboard, and a regular book on a desk; and says "Hello, my name is Ms. Heaven, and welcome to science class".

Ms. Heaven writes her name on the chalkboard, and says "Today, we will just be writing our schedule that we will be following every day except friday. Friday will be quiz days and yes this week too".

Clay raises his hand.

"Yes", said Ms. Heaven, looking at Clay.

"I have an appointment on friday, so I won't be here, what will the test be on", said Clay.

"It will just be on the stuff we will be learning today through Thursday, so you can take the test Thursday, is that okay?" Ms. Heaven decided.

"Yes, that is fine, Ms. Heaven", said Clay.

"Alright, we will be taking notes on the animal kingdom and theories of the big bang theory", replied Ms. Heaven. "Today, we will be watching a movie explaining the theory of the big bang theory, so keep your eyes focused, oh and that reminds me".

Ms. Heaven takes out a bin, starts walking around, and says "Everybody put your cell phone in the bin and you try to hide it. We will be doing a three paper essay on your own theory on the big bang theory, so think wisely about what you are doing".

The students put their phones in the bin including Erica, Clay, Sierra, Sadie, Perry, and Penny.

Ms. Heaven puts the bin on the desk, and says "Alright, everybody notebooks and pens out, and no talking. Also, we will be watching this video for today and tomorrow, so stay focused, but before this attendance; Sierra Tomb".

"Here", said Sierra.

"Penny Coin", said Ms. Heaven.

"Here", said Penny.

"Perry B", said Ms. Heaven.

"Here", said Perry.

"Sadie Sue", said Sadie.

"Clay Sato", said Ms. Heaven.

"Here", said Clay.

"Hope you have a lovely friday, when it's come", said Ms. Heaven, looking at Clay.

"Thank you, Ms. Heaven", said Clay.

"Your quite welcome, Clay", said Ms. Heaven. "Erica Bloom".

Everybody looks at Erica.

Erica gives a nervous smile, and says "Here".

After calling all the student's names, Ms. Heaven grabs a remote, and turns on the screen.

Erica gives Clay a note that says "Let's talk after class".

Clay writes in the notebook, rips a paper out of the notebook, and gives it to Erica.

Erica reads the paper and it says "Okay, let's talk after class".

Erica and Clay smile at each other


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