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One day, there is a 12-year-old boy who has long silver hair, white skin, wearing a white shirt,and blue jeans running down the stairs, with a yellow bookbag on his back.

"Clay!” exclaimed Ms. Sato, who's downstairs.

The boy appears and sits on a chair facing his mom.

Clay's mother/Ms. Sato is a woman who has long silver hair, wearing a black dress on the other side.

"Sup, mom", responded Clay.

“Do you have everything for school?” asked Ms. Sato, looking a bit concerned

"Ye..Hang on", said Clay, then runs upstairs.

Clay puts magazines in his book bag and runs back downstairs.

"Now, I have everything for my first day of middle school", said Clay, with a smile on his face.

"Including your", said Ms. Sato, then holds paper in front of Clay's face "Schedule".

"Guess I forgot that", said Clay, with a nervous smile, then takes the paper. "Thank you".

"I hope that isn't all", said Ms. Sato.

Clay pulls his mother in for a hug.


"Have a lovely day at school", Ms. Sato wishes for Clay.

"I will", said Clay, then walks by the door.

Outside, there is a man who has short silver hair, wearing a white polo shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes by a red, and the man calls Clay "Come on, Clay, before I make you take the bus".

This man is Clay's dad a.k.a. Mr. Sato.

"I'm coming, see ya mom", said Clay, then walks out the door.

Clay walks outside, and sees Mr. Sato.

 "So, you are ready to go to school?" asked Mr. Sato 

"Yup", said Clay.

Clay enters the car.

"You know, Clay, you are going to be a teen and I have to tell you that you will start to act rebellious, when that happens we will finally go on that camping trip", Mr. Sato lectured Clay.

"Seriously! That would be great, except the rebellious part", Clay smiles.

"You say that now, because your mother raised you like that", Mr. Sato complained.

"So, you want to be bad?” Clay wondered.

"I want you to act like a normal person, you haven't showed a sign of a normal boy, you don't play many video games; and I only heard you have a crush on a girl when you were eight", Mr. Sato pointed out.

"Sorry, I'm not exactly normal, but that's why I'm planning to make more friends after all we did move from my old elementary school and I don't have a cell phone", Clay told Mr. Sato.

"That reminds me", said Mr. Sato, then gives Clay a paper bag.

Clay reaches into the paper bag, finds a cell phone, and smiles.

"Thank you, dad", said Clay.

"Your welcome, and when you make friends put all of their numbers in it", Mr. Sato tells Clay.

"And you and mom's number is already on there?" Clay asked Mr. Sato.

"Obviously, your mom insisted that our numbers be the first number and you know I can never win an argument with your mom", said Mr. Sato.

"Yeah, I still remember New Years about the sign, and it fell down", replied Clay

"I told her it wasn't high enough", Clay commented.

"Indeed", Clay nodded.

"Oh, and while you are in school find a cute girl and get her number", said Mr. Sato.

"And look for a good personality too?" asked Clay, while giving an innocent look.

''Of course,  because dumb girls are annoying and you have to try to change them because you thought it was the right thing, but you feel guilty in the end", said Mr. Sato, sounding disappointed and annoyed.

Clay snaps his fingers at his dad.

 "Past experience?” Clay asks Mr. Sato.

Mr. Sato: ''I have no idea what you are talking about", Mr. Sato lied.

Clay smiles.

Mr. Sato stops the car at the school.

Clay gets out of the car.

"Remember, my advice", said Mr. Sato, with the window down.

"I will", said Clay, while waving goodbye.

Mr. Sato drives off.

Clay looks at the school, and gulps.

"Alright, first day of school, I'm ready", Clay talking to himself.

"Feeling nervous", said a mysterious voice.

Clay turns around to see a boy who has long dark hair, wearing a light green shirt, blue jeans, and shoes.

"Is it that obvious?" asked Clay.

"Yup", said the boy, then held out his hand. "I'm Matthew".

"I'm Clay", said Clay, as he shakes Matthew's hand.

"So, you are a sixth grader?” Matthew asks Clay.

"I am, are you too?"' asked Clay.

"Yup", said Matthew.

Matthew and Clay walk into the school together.

"Matthew! Matthew!” a person called.

Matthew and Clay turn around to see Melvin: a boy who has long brown hair, white skin, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes looking exhausted.

"What's up, Melvin?" asked Matthew, curiously.

"'Well", said Melvin, then looks at Clay. "'Who are you?

"I'm Clay, nice to meet you", Clay smiles, then holds out his hand.

"I'm Melvin", said Melvin, while shaking Clay's hand.

Matthew snapped his fingers in front of Melvin's face.

"What's up, Melvin?" asked Matthew, with a fake smile.

"Oh, yeah, Erica Bloom is here", Melvin jumps for joy.

"Erica Bloom, the voice actor!" exclaimed Matthew.

"Yes, the very same, let's go", said Melvin, with an almost permanent smile.

 "Clay, are you coming?" asked Matthew, looking curious.

"'Oh, I have to give a paper to the principal, but I'll see you later", said Clay.

"Alright", said Matthew.

Clay walks away.

Clay was looking around to see if Erica is around, so he heads to the principal's office.

At the same time, Erica is trying to avoid people and head to the principal's office.

Clay and Erica bump heads 

"Sorry about that, my bad", said Clay and Erica in unison.

Clay and Erica look at each other.

Erica is revealed to have long lion-like aqua-colored hair, wearing a brown shirt, white pants, and white shoes.

"Erica Bloom", said Clay, sounding sad.

"Hey, I know", said Erica, as she looks at Clay.

Clay pulls Erica in the principal's office before Erica finishes her sentence.

"Erica Bloom, you are here, I was worried you would get swamped", said a mysterious voice.

"I almost did, then,  Erica admitted, then smiled at Clay. "Clay saved me".

The man has short light brown hair, black skin, wearing a purple shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes named Principal Z.

"Clay Sato?" asked Principal Z, while looking at a paper on a clipboard.

"Nice to meet Principal Z", said Clay, then gives a piece of paper to Principal Z.

"You too", said Principal Z, then looked at Erica. "'Erica, did you bring the slips?"

Erica reaches into her bag and puts a bunch of paper on the desk.

"Thanks, so if you have to work, then you will be excused, your manager signed on all of these", said Principal Z.

"Absolutely", said Erica.

"Great, Sato, you will be excused Friday, so you can attend your family event", Principal Z tells Clay.

"Thank you", said Clay, then walked out the door.

"Wait, Clay, could you get Erica to her class?" Principal Z asks Clay.

"Of course", said Clay, then looked at Erica. "What is your class?"

"Mr. Yodel's science class", said Erica, while showing her schedule to Clay.

"I have that class too, but if I am going to do that", Clay realized, then looks at Erica. "You need to change your outfit".

"Makes sense", said Erica.

Clay opens her bag and brings out sunglasses, hat, and a jacket.

"Thank you, you are an angel", Erica thanks Clay, then kisses Clay on the cheek.

Clay blinks and turns around.

Erica looks confused.

'Odd, normally boys, blush when I do that, but he didn't react', thought Erica.


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