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Bringing life into this world was worrisome as my stomach curled, 
but to be faithful to this spirit is what I have sworn,
As I cared for what we shared and longed for, 
there were signs missed to protect the newborn,
With a heart of gold to be married to a missing soul, 
I was lured into the darkest of bold, 
my heart was surrounded by thorns, 
As she drank from the horn and our meals only consisted of corn,
The distraction was the new sprit to adorn,
But my fleeced soul was about to be shorn,
Her anger flared to devour as she would scorn,
I was soon to choose and protect the firstborn,
And the decision consumed my mind as I would mourn,
No turning back as she nosedives to become forlorn,
I'm riding The Devil's Black by the bullhorn, 
To adhere to my original beliefs and become reborn,
The side affect was my disintegrating mind body and soul, 
to become Heroically Careworn.


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