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End of it all is hard
Tattoo over emotional scars
Pick up the bags and leave
And don't look back
Even after you've closed that door
Sitting on the porch looking up at the stars
Wondering which one is yours
Do you look up at them and phantom
The chasm that's chiseled into my heart
Darkness seeps like blood
Pours like rain
Burns like flames
Again and again
No restraint can hold back my rage at the fact 
That we can't get it back the same
I know we've grown apart
The chain's been broken slowly
Link by Link
Now there's emptiness in this house!
ECHOES bounce
Without mercy, the clouds
Hide the Sunshine and bring the rain 
To pour down upon my will to change
Sanctity is a myth
All was bliss
But then again so was this
Till in came the snake to lay to waste 
Our good times, with just a bite erased
All hail the heathens
Demons at large now, devil's in charge now
Ready to release the beast 
To wage hell spawned grief
So much for peace cause my motherfuckin
World's in pieces
No ceasing this disease
No seditation
No meditation
In here the echoes are deafening


  • nice 👍

    Mar 28, 2021

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