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The school bell rang. Clay picked his notebook and pencil and rushed to the boys locker room. When he got near the entrance, he saw two seniors and a freshman. The seniors were messing with the freshman, pushing him around.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Clay asked walking up to the three. The seniors back away from the freshman. Clay have the freshman his stuff and told him to go home. The seniors were upset, they smacked Clay's books of his hands. They got all up in his face, "Next time, stay out of something you don't understand if you know what's best for you, kid." They walked off. Clay looked back, he shook his head.

In the locker room, Clay got dressed for track practice. Practice lasted for an hour and a half. During their last break, Clay saw a limo pull up to the school. Half a dozen men in black suits poured out of the vehicle; he caught a glimpse of brown hair. When practice ended he saw a girl leaving the school's office.

"Why does she look so familiar?" Clay thought getting in his car.

He drove off. Headed towards the door to get track gear and food for the week. While he was in the electronic section, clay noticed a man, around 23, stuffing phones in his coat. The man looked at Clay and left. The alarm went off five minutes later. Screams filled the air. Clay bought his things and rushed to the front. It was the man, and he had a hostage with a knife to their throat.
"Sir put the knife down!" Yelled the cop from behind. The man was back into a corner, "Stay away from me!" He swung the knife around.

The hostage stepped on the man's foot and was set free. The cop came closer,
"Start away!" The man yelled. The cop took another step closer, the man threw the knife. Clay rushed over and used his arm to stop the knife from hitting the officer.

"Are you okay! Do you need medi- 'No, I'm fine." Clay pulled the knife or of his arm and went home. The police took the man to jail.

When clay got home he put everything up then attended to his wound. He took a deep breath and turned the lights off and went to bed.


  • That was great, fast, but great

    Mar 27, 2021

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