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Mental security blankets from the parents promote growth,

But when the thankless pulls the covers denying their oath,

It's a tragedy that regresses mental progress,

Living in calamity neglected without the headdress,

The child will become alone fighting demons,

Living wild and rejected, disowned by treasons,

While the feckless parent ignores all their emotions,

The child breathless waiting and aging in corrosion,

The seared mind imprinted with disavowed care,

The feared heart convicted with an endowed scare,

The Abnegator no longer tries as the Foundlings cried,

But they keep going back for more abuse, because they're voices are classified.

Take action worldwide to end neglect by a landslide,
For children need to be untied from the torment that's petrified,
Because silent abuse leads to suicide,
This is what I can stand up for testified,
To end the emotional abuse genocide.


  • Mar 27, 2021

  • Nice

    Mar 27, 2021

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