Atrocious Deportment Read Count : 17

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The ways of a sadistic spouse carrying wickedness traits filled with hate,

Carry enough weight to make the ground shake as you lose weight,

The notrotious actions so irate imposing a slave state grows as she agitates,

Catching the fake will detonate so she can excavate while she gravitates,

With purpose to devastate while you dedicate as she places check mate,

Your growth rate stalls and you deflate while she calculates how to mutilate,

Her actions perpetuate as you lose your escape and slowly suffocate,

Running she gives chase to terminate your heart and your soul she'll assassinate,

Your mind she'll decapitate for she's a degenerate to separate your vertebrae,

A Narcissist lies pollinate so it dominates to conceal truths they mutilate,

Never anticipate honesty to ventilate with your paper weight against a mental heavy weight,

Attempts to liberate positivity demonstrate inability against negativity,

This will fascinate for you can't vaccinate against a murderous who escalates,

Her Atrocious Deportment desecrates which motivates her to saturate,

Escape the fate and leave through the back gate before it's too late.


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    Mar 27, 2021

  • Mar 27, 2021

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