The Foundlings Of Negligence Read Count : 25

Category : Poems

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In a crowd, you can't pick out the childs mind screaming so loud, 
A silent sound of longing to be found,
Because the Foundlings heart has drowned,

It's a torrent within the mind, 
blocking safeties return to the soundness of being kind,
The Negligence blocks their hope making them blind, 

With the pupils around to help forget for a moment, 
the child forgets that when home they face an opponent,
But right now they're part of a bigger component,

They are careless in hopes power so thunderous, 
although colorless for they are motherless,
But in a glimpse they are complete, but  rudderless,

Deep within is a battered soul, 
With icicles that block the feeling of being whole, 
Slowly losing pieces of what she stole,
The Foundlings search for light through a pinhole,

Inside that crowd is the lonely child, they're happiness fragile and mild,
the feeling of being exiled is hidden when they smiled,

The cure is loving attention,
That's what they really want, it's affection,
Guide them with open arms for the correction,
Inner peace will become their direction,
Because now they have a real connection.


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