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To be honest there's too many abbreviations and I cant keep up
Too many trending and I find it hard to speak up 
Life so busy these days, you can expect to postpone the meet up 
To be honest a lot of the times I feel the need to give up
thinking that it'll solve everything 
Everyday it's another chance I take with everything 
And to be honest I too get sick and tired of everything 
To be honest I had my life planned out in my mind
And it shocks me how quick time passes by 
To be honest time scares me, and still I sit and think why 
It was said that we all got the same time so use it wisely 
I try to use it wisely 
But trust me its tiring 
And to be honest I'm struggling 
Not sure if I'm doing the right following 
Still kept inside I'm still bottling 
Sad emoji on the inside but outside I'm smiling 
Face to face conversations but I'm lying 
Trying to figure it out but there's just too much filling 
To be honest I'm really trying 
Perfect life but my dream is dying 
Imperfection is perfect is what I believe and what I'm writing 
But to be honest it's not my liking 
Questions that never stop, should I stay calm or continue fighting 
Is this therapeutic writing really helping 
Or is it just a once off feel good typing 
To be honest there's too many unanswered questions that brings darkness and that's why I never see the lighting 
To be honest I will never give up striking 


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