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     The idea of creative Force being the power behind all of our monoliths,
 And that people only sought to imitate what was already there.
We did not build,  only tried to copy the structures which we saw. 
Those structures that were in place by natural forces.
  No tooling marks no known way to reproduce the resulting styles.
 It was electrical currents frequencies, sound,   and other Natural Forces that were responsible.    Different combinations that caused  shapes and structures to become.  Caused matter to take form... While the Earth warmed and cooled and shifted the natural course Caused the shapes in the rocks. !   Then with some trying could be reproduced to a smaller scale,  using vibrations Etc. to build vast stone structures.
The people, or the makers of these stones had obvious skill and Mastery.  So intricate and finely detailed the minutest lines Shadow and the use of shapes creating images.
 using the negative spaces while keeping an inversion or inside out line and design technique.
There were cherubim in the garden they had four faces let's count them... the face of a man, the face of an animal, the face of the Rock, and the timepiece or wristwatch. Maybe it was a compass or sundial a magnetic quartz crystal.  Sunlight, Springs, dials and Tick -Tock a working clock!!
. Not so far-fetched,  even in the time before pharaohs.
Who were in fact a race of mostly women.
 Women in men's robes, they being best suited for leadership  in that time. Which Could be why the Pharaohs depiction seemes so slight in build they were a matriarchal society in Drag.
So far as I can see using archaic methods.  Stone paper rubbings and a naked eye...the shape of the headdress is reminiscent of a pharaoh,  the style of facial features pre Anunnaki and the flowers are very tropical almost Polynesian.
   The feathers semi native but more Sumerian in shape and detail.  I have discovered two items that have a lion either Carved or imprinted onto them seemingly the line of Lydia or Zion.
  Biblical, mythical, historical &mysterious.  Disputed for sure!. I would bet just about anything that these truths have been erased, covered and hidden.
  The reason for killing, fighting,  dying and surviving.   
  The secret we all know is out there that keeps the Searchers searching and the theorists theorizing. 
   What would the introduction of the truth change??
 in present times the past is past the truth is true the future oftentimes is going to be a repetition of past events in some form or another whether we want to admit to it or not.
  The question is do people want to know the truth?  Most do not!
  Some would try and make sure that it was never discovered.  But why?? just to keep the lies going? The long-standing comfort of falsehood yep -that's human mentality for you,  wich I totally understand.
  Really who would want or even accept their fundamental basis for reality being changed or ripped out from underneath them?  That is not what I want.
  I would like for the things I have learned "crazy "or not to be available to anyone who wants to see them. For whatever reason.
   CHAPTER 3::
   So- these rocks" the maps, I have been calling them are more amazing than I could ever have imagined any thing could be!
The  Images  are virtually Indescribable in their beauty, and detail. 
The depth of the story that they tell is only just becoming apparent.
   So far I have seen and tried to document in pictures as well as pencil sketch.  so many that it is overwhelming. I will try to write them here-
 an image of what appears to be an angel holding a cross and delivering the Commandments on a Mountaintop.
   A witch or Priestess riding a broom on a moonlit night....
 dark robed priests or figures in a cave some appear to be hovered over a cauldron others working on blocks of sort still another is either burying or digging up a chest,  complete with rivets a U-shaped hinged lid and visible padlock,  Light shines up from underneath Illuminating the faces... which have character,  expression,  even show emotion. 
 There are  So many animals.  I would guess that on these rocks is every animal known to the planet.  Some that are thought to be mystical, imaginary some prehistoric.
Dinosaurs, whales, turtles, monkeys,  pterodactyl, unicorn, several owls horses, goats, Beatles, frog, snakes,  lizard type men.   Fish.  Big and, trees, water, in several forms... ocean currents, waves, Rivers waterfall, spring, rivlets.
 A figure with a bulbous diving apparatus & breathing tanks and air hose.  The diver image appears to have been viewed from the underneath side as the angle represent such.
 The head is small in comparison to oversized legs with obvious  dive gear.  Flippers which are in motion on the feet.
 Even the cliff-side is in accordance with someone looking up and seeing the diver from one side and underneath him a little ways.
The people in the cave change into entirely different faces with a tiny change in the light,or degree of turn on the rock.  There is an absolutely amazing image of a man and woman embracing  silhouettes.
A mother elephant tucking her calf under her chin with her trunk hugging him closely.
The People's Clothing their characteristics even the style in which they have been issued on to the Stones differ distinctly.
One with elaborate hat headdress.  One looks Japanese with bun and kimono, 1 Egyptian with Pharaoh style skirt wrap headdress& beard.  One Polynesian, Yet another appears to be a white woman with the robe of a Japanese emperor and the head wear  of a Polynesian Warrior.
There is an eerily realistic shadowy but definite christ-like person who appears to be injured, pierced through his side with a- double sided thin metal spear, his head hung down upon his naked chest. His skin is dark and smooth no hair, well-built not skinny he is dressed in a skirt like rap with gold threads and  Egyptian style fastening brooch and pouch. With long hair and either a  plaited beard, or Egyptian necklace style of armor..His face is barely visible under the shadow of his hair but his features and emotion somehow come through!  the absolutely amazing use of Shadows of light and of the shape of the surface itself combines to seamlessly almost magically go from scene to scene.
Each figure is also another figure is also an animal is also a scene scape all of it just by looking away and then looking back again. The eyes and brain must be working in Harmony in order not to get lost or to lose the image you are viewing.
The images are layered possibly protection against forgery or any type of reproduction... light and Shadow; impressed making one layer. Raised areas are a completely different image then there are markings bearing resemblance to Hebrew Sumerian and Anakin; respectively.
This could be a point at which these peoples or tribes races perhaps even species we're joined. Melded, and disappeared. No longer separate entities they appeared again as one people as a  whole.  stronger, smarter, richer,and driven to be alive!  . Thus Begins the recorded history of man.  Biblical Etc. From this Union comes the Egyptians the Native Americans or it could be the other way around that's what we're going to figure out. These figures seem to depict actual events as well as the state of the earth and surrounding areas the topography the state of either calm or chaos is very accurately depicted. The detail of weather systems floodwaters firewind shelter are all put forth as to create actual feeling. You can almost taste the salty air and feel the wind,   the glimmer a silver Moonlight actually seems to dance just slightly the Stillness of the calm dark Knight is apparent. The fact that these images can and do produce such feeling is... Well beyond words! Just as these stories were Beyond and before the culmination of the written spoken word I am so excited to share these please enjoy.!!!


  • these are the things on the stones that were once in the arc of the Covenant.

    Mar 30, 2021

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