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I believe there was indeed an" arc" as well as a coven,  with which the holders of ancient knowledge and relics came to the holders of a specific type of. great wealth.  Upon the meeting of these two great forces and on the ground of continued control and expansion that control. To include the new Shores upon which the holder of the greatest manuscript called home. Whether the shores were foreign or perhaps this individual or group of such individuals were Native of the place...from which they had been enslaved,  and taken on ships back to unknown lands.  The journey taught them much they learned and possibly were of such great  mind that they also became teachers. 
Some. Of these teachers commanded the attention of leaders of nations of men.   Perhaps this was a woman?  A Native of our United Shores, an American Indian cultured, learnd, well versed, out spoken and poised.
It is my belief that the builders and the scholars of the great pharaohs courts we're not the ones who created a language of figurines and birds on rolls of papyrus. Emblazing fancy tombs with  riches and secrets.
 I know this was a beautifully orchestrated destraction... all of the glitz. Gold and shiny objects, to keep people digging and guessing for Aeons. While the true state of things was in quite a different form. For much different reasons than one would think or imagine.!
 If,  you held the secret a secret so huge and of such importance that to reveal it or have it discovered would be devastational to Life as We Know It,  the entire premise upon which we base our existence would crumble.   Without even a Cornerstone to rebuild upon.  Every notion of what is real or reality,  even the concept of conceiving itself would stand to falter.
Leaves one to a huge and rather important task.!
To conceal with the utmost care theTruth...  In a form which would stand through all time, and not be altered, nor destroyed.
 But- not so well hidden as to be gone forever!
For they knew there would be a point at which the facade they so carefully constructed would crumble.   Crushed under the weight of its own Headey inbalance. At which time there would be an actual,factual hard copy of the recipes I.e  the beginning.
So when and if creation becomes something far digferent than what had been intended  the right person would be able to resend the actual process of creation.
Out of curiosity, desperation,  necessity despair or stupidity. Would any mind conceive to play God on such a level? When I say God I am not talking about our Omni but the Lesser God in which our form shows emulation. 
 From out of the minds of men and the daughters of the land. lands that were once under the ocean.
The Arc -(ark)being a vessel of sorts that I believe is more along the lines of a DNA type incoding. wherein one individual could have been unindatedwith the codes of every living creature that has ever been
known or created.   The original creations and the pure form of the DNA strands, all encoded and in existence as a living breathing bank vault of all important and sought-after truth.
 Would the holder even know? Hopefully not or the gig would be up! And so the original manuscript of the creation of the holder of the codes would be well hidden also of a far different type than anyine one would think.
 I hesitate here being that in the event someone were to read this they too would know if these things so long in the keeping of secrecy but since I feel compelled to go ahead and write it must be time for these things to come as it is said into the light.
 Within the complexity of nature is the Simplicity of Natural Things;
Much thanks to the greatest of all records keepers, Eldest on our planet ...the far-reaching always stalwart beauty of the deeply rooted,  the skyscraping the shade giving  oxygen-producing old-growth timber trees.  Sequoias, Redwoods and other various types of trees that cover our Earth with intricate miles of natural fiber optics.  Living Communications, underground and in the air.  The message tree,  Quite possibly the meaning of the tree of knowledge itself.  Perhaps it was the fruit, or nut bearing tree that came to our minds a source of nutrition and necessary food for the body and brain. In the times after the flood food was scarce and of great importance. Nuts having natural acids and proteins  assist in brain growth so it was a nut tree& not an apple tree. Wich sprang the notion of the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil.
 Body and brain having already begun the dance of the sensory... pleasure and rewards-based actions and reactions.  To recap in literal terms there were trees specialized by the ones who came and knew. To be used specifically as message centers the entire surrounding scenario quote on quote notwithstanding it's also included into the simple yet complex design in which they had the truths. From the crossing of types to Ideal trees to the distance above sea level at which the tree would best grow and have the best root system into the idea of bedrock and or some type of mineral soils quartz veins Etc. Coupled with either iridium salts place your deposits of gold in them asking him to name a few sulfur lead Arsenic and chromium zinc copper copper sulfide and natural cool beds. And or gaseous remanence of long-standing swamp areas. Ensuring the oxidation rate would be at a constant regulated amount of H2O pressure and heat either too cold or hot under these conditions you have no idea the things that are the fingertips of the people who control these variables or have access or working knowledge of them. The reference to the ark or Arc. Spherical dimensions of an energy field, an electrical Arc current possibly also the point of a threshold or a doorway with a natural state of things makes entry or re-entry possible via the barometric pressure is at cetera so the natives of the place and the Travelers made a pact with the holders of the light the lightworkers or angels as such alchemist's the Jesuit Elite the Rogue Jesuits scholar. One or all of said entities could have been considered in any town to be cubbins as witches or priests or native Healers, in any regards they all held a piece. A piece of the puzzle and each one agreed to relinquish in exchange for I don't know maybe mineral wealth gold land rights freedoms religious freedoms possibly also protection and ongoing anonymity the truth was then respond and although never quite fully agreed upon was nevertheless presented to the people into the kings of Thrones overseas awaiting word on the State of Affairs on their greatest newest Conquest the great shores of the golden eagle. The Land of Nod light Eden the gates of the things that go in between protected and how transparent to human eyesight well you should hope that you never have eyes were mine that can see them it is something quite a bit more than anyone should look at it on a regular basis. May have an adverse effect on any humans mental state or well-being there's often times energy and spiritual vampirism drained of sort not to say in a negative way if one so chooses to enjoy her and make a new space and New Covenant then they take also sways with giving and so forth and so on and one becomes in sync with the Rhythm Of The Thirst of the other. Just be wary to never try communicating with any old trees it don't take too kindly to it and I've had quite strong experiences with shall I say undesirable sneaky nature of the Evergreen. But that's for another time.


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