Respect My Existence Or Expect My Resistance Read Count : 16

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a procession fierce and noble in muted
  grey shadows surges
  liquid and rhythmic
  through raw urban arteries
  towards validation
uphill and far away
  these denizens here and
  scattered among ten ton
  blonde stone monuments
now entered attentive on
  sudden silence and
  having knowing starting and sensing
  eventful breezes and
  dynamic stillness set a-tremble
  simply continue becoming

we find grouped buildings greek culture birthstones including the ever popular brownstone walk-up decades old ecofragile worm farm 
future ghetto built to rot right into yesterday's post industrial landscape before now and ripe for exploitation trinkets art ephemera and etcetera
├Žnema lincoln high school syphilis sylvia plath's once home and local suicide vortex
warped hump sushi
ten pounds of used lingerie for a buck this gotta be my town i want my busy body targeted fired upon and thoroughly invested

self peculiar and self guided washing a ton of steps up into forested parks now public outhouses finally the gleaming crack cathedrals of the magical future now


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    Mar 26, 2021

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