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The snake eating its own tail is not mystical and spiritual it is a representation of the dark vs the light as it has to do with balance, gold.   chemistry,  metallurgy and the Philosopher's Stone.
Wich  I have been fortunate enough see, hold,  and begun. To understand...
   The symbology  used to seem so unreachable. Unknowable. But now I see the patterns,    I read the signs in the symbols. 
  Most of it is a type of a formula, 
it is the elements represented in the form of symbolic art. 
  The snake,
 the dark versus the  light, the circle,  the Devil...the presentation of Hell Fire.     A red-faced goateed man with  horns.  The scepter, the Sun and moon,  none of this is in reference to spirituality good or evil.
    At first I didn't know why all of the obsession and interest in the darkness.     It seems as if I suddenly understand that all of the lightworker and God of light stuff is a twisted version of an old truth , one which few remember and fewer yet would stand up for.
   You see that the light is representative of sorcery,  and illusion the Visionary the sensory the fleshly.   All of the things that are human,  worldly,   and in my understanding not of the true nature of a Godly, or spiritually seeking individual.
    The light can lie.  
 Bend the truth ...
and be all-encompassing for a weakened mind. 
  The darkness on the other hand is so easy to be. 
   Do you know that in  all of my life I have only experienced light once?! 
It was starkly opposite but  invigorating... not comforting like the soft folds of  silken black and the unquestioning vision of the things that I see there. 
  I will not tell of those things here.  Just that the two are both there,  and I have been blessed with a soul and spirit capable of experiencing each one.   Appreciating each one in a separate and whole way.
. The fabled stone, the Philosopher's or the Sorcerer's Stone.... Black,  powerful and full of works.
 Template, cookbook, blueprint, code, recipe, schematic, story,.
 Historical and current maps . Topography Maps. Star Maps, underground tunnel Maps, maps of resources, minerals and metal deposits.   waterways and the stories that took place in reference to something still of a great importance. 
        I knew the dark before there was light.  I have lived with the dark all of my life.  
the dark knows no evil nor does it speak in vain or utter in despair. 
The darkness is the sacredness of timelessness.-
 And so go I will,- and go I must -in this season place my trust, -and hope against hope ,prayers and fears that this one last season will not end in tears.   
   People...!Never'! be anger to the point of violence!  
At that point you lose and the person who keeps his cool wins!.
practice Acts of patience kindness and beauty . 
    Inner Strength needs no validation from outward sources-  Nor does it find comfort in vanity... or acts of power and face....  By; LULU


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