Kimi Verse Introduction Read Count : 18

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Childrens
The screen shows a girl who has long black hair in braided ponytail, brown skin, wearing a green shirt, black pants, and white shoes with a long python tail sitting on a chair in a white background.

“My name is Kimi, I am the original girl from the kimiverse, this world is full of mutants, and this world is mostly full of all girls except one boy, who you will meet too”, Kimi introduced herself.

Kimi claps her hands and makes the background the woods.

“I thought a change of scenery would help, a thing about this kimiverse is that most of the main characters are teenagers except some”, said Kimi. “Anyway, in the kimiverse all the main characters have a love interest and face drama”.

“I am one of those people”, said Kimi.

Charlie appears, he has short brown hair, wearing a brown shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes.

“Hi, honey”, said Charlie.

Charlie kiss Kimi.

“You want to tell the audience anything else about the kimiverse?” Kimi asks Charlie.

“Yes, all the main characters in the Kimiverse are African Americans”, said Charlie.

“Yup, we are all apart of that community”, said Kimi. “We are also apart of the LGBT community”.

“Another thing, is that I am a rarity because the rest of the characters don’t have children”, Kimi told the audience.

Aiden and Sophia appeared.

Aiden has short messy black hair, brown skin, wearing a brown shirt, white pants, and white shoes with a cat tail.

Sophia has short black hair, brown skin, wearing a red jumpsuit and heels with a poodle tail.

“Hi mom, Hi dad”, said Aiden and Sophia in unison.

Sophia and Aiden hug Kimi and Charlie.

“Hi, I’m Aiden”, said Aiden.

“And I’m Sophia”, said Sophia.

“And I hope you will read stories that take place in kimiverse”, said Kimi, then blows a kiss.

Everybody wave goodbye.


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