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Tiny red ants,
Walking in a line.
Searching for food,
Ready to intrude.
Whether in small holes,
Or, on the high altitude.
Gathering all the items,
Whether it's bread 
Or rotten fruits.
Carrying on their back,
To the anthill.
A very tiny structure
Underneath the root.

Storing it for rain,
Repeating it again and again.
Not worrying about their pain,
Their pain, I don't know how to explain?
It's a fight for every grain,
Just for their life to sustain.
Moving in a chain,
To maintain their campaign.
Working tremendous,
Their effort is truly insane......


  • hello everyone, i was observing this for long so finally, i carved this in my own words....... this poem too may have some errors but now i am practicing for it to improve πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™

    Mar 25, 2021

  • Mar 25, 2021

  • Om Singh

    Om Singh

    Aha! RhymingπŸ‘

    Mar 25, 2021

  • Mar 26, 2021

  • Mar 26, 2021

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