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As a child wants mother and will do anything to be smothered, to feel special,

When the child grieved as the air is taken when breathed, to be dismissed by the ungrateful,

Is shameful when seen, of a calamity you cannot believe, it's a different kind of hurtful,

The growing distance is your bond, to mend their sanity from the wrong, so they have potential,

Any witness to these crimes has a duty to protect when there's signs, to be helpful,

Because the aftermath, an association of the childs future in black, is dreadful,

There's never a reason, to wait another good awful season, because actions essential,

Nothing can compare, to the spiritual captivity in a snare, as any action is not unsuccessful,

For the continued abuse with a child unable to choose, puts their mind in a pretzel,

Don't contradict in conflict to protect the Drug addict Derelict, be strict to evict and convict one who constricts and afflicts the perfect child who wasn't picked, to be an object of the Neglectful. 


  • Mar 25, 2021

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