2nd Atocha Read Count : 17

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Graphic novel
1. Jesus is the Grim Reaper of all life for when He died; He went to snatch the keys from Santa Muerte. 
2. As Satan saw this he tried run on Jesus with a spear to spear Him but The Grim Reaper of life carried  3.  The Spirit of Moses and He turned around quickly and said unto him in a loud Moseic voice like a voice of an Arch Angel “ THE LORD REBUKETH THEE!!!” And Lucifer fell in reverence before his God and all the demons fell down and worshiped Him in Great Fear and trembling and so as 4. Christ kicked the Devil off the cliff into a dark hot pit 5. so The Machismo Lamb & The CHOLO of cholos kicked that stupid goat off the mount into the Red Sea and broke his bloody neck, and the crocodiles came and ate the goat and the goat was no more noticed ever again however the goat’s son mistoffelees attackeths The world so he the devil’s son has entered into to betray The Machismo Lamb is forever doomed by the dragon because the love of his riches has sent him there. 6. For Mistofelees spirit is upon the earth but he too will be thrown in the lake of fire with the rest of the demons and sorcerers and witches and wore locks and those who practices mediums and nacromacy which are of great abomination and are highly detestable unto THE KING for He pukes at sin and those who practice domestic violence, homosexuality without repentance like in Gomorrah for I am Sodom and Gomorrah I know you not! 7.Let The King punishes thy pridefulness for you crave sexual immorality without LOVE for He commands us to act from Love for Love is the root of all Holiness but whoever doesn’t praiseth Him by The Time of His return He will turn the rocks, the graves, the trees, the waters and all of His creatures and creations into ghosts to Praise His great name and everyone will be frightened by the ghosts and His Angels and the sinners of the earth will be tooken by vampires, familiar things or ghosts of the dead, zombies and every damned soul will take every sinner to their graves By The Time Jehovah Christ is back...


  • Mar 25, 2021

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