Me And My Imaginary Friends Vs The Forces Of Evil Chapter 1 Read Count : 51

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

At night, a 16-year-old girl who has black hair, brown skin, wearing a green top, blue jeans, and white shoes holding a baby running away from the police.

The teenage girl heads to the alley, and the police follow her.

The teenage girl climbs up a bunch of buildings with a baby and escapes from the police.

The teenage girl ends up by a museum, then picks the locks of the museum and enters it.

The teenage girl sighs and walks into the bathroom, then speed dials on her phone.

Now to tell you, the teenage girl’s story.

The teenage girl was a regular pop star making lots of albums and became famous.


Unfortunately she couldn’t go to regular school, which drove her crazy.

This drove her crazy, she couldn’t focus, so her manager try home schooling; but the teenage girl proclaimed it wasn’t the same.

Knowing that she would never be a regular teen, she comes up with a scheme, she calls her twin sister that was in a regular school and top star in the choir.

She asks her twin sister to fulfill her whole, her twin was hesitant at first, but she finally agrees.

So, the pop star switches places with her twin.

It was working at first, but the manager who was 2 years older than the twin noticed she was acting differently, maybe better, so he questioned the twin.

The twin takes the questions well, the manager lets the twin go, but the manager secretly asks the police to find the pop star in disguise.

After school, the police presented themselves to the pop star in disguise.

But, here comes the twist, during the two years the twin had switched places with the pop star, the pop star was hanging around this high school rapper named DJ freeze.

DJ freeze is the only one apart of the twin’s life, that knows the difference between them, at first he was a little shady saying he won’t tell anybody, but she has to give him ten bucks everyday.

Soon, DJ freeze started to invite the pop star to events and they had all kinds of fun, these events made them get closer together.

Which ends with the pop star becoming a mother at an early age.

At the time, she decided to stop living her life as a normal teenager, and becoming a mother.

The police find the pop star in disguise, while she was on a walk with her baby.

So, now we are back to the present.

Also, the pop star’s name is Kate Harris and the twin’s name is Kali Harrim.

In the present, Kate is singing a lullaby to her baby and hears her bell ring.

Kate answers her phone and says “Hello”.

“Are you okay?” Kali asks Kate.

“Yeah”, said Kate.

"Is it true, did you really have a baby?" Kali asks Kate, sounding concerned.

"Yeah", said Kate.

An alarm comes on.

"I have to go", said Kate, then gets up.

Kate grabs her baby and runs out of the museum.

The museum had some police surrounding it.

The police follow Kate who is holding her baby.

Kate ends up by an abandoned building, then a van appears.

In the white van is DJ Freeze.

Kate smiles and hops into the van.

DJ Freeze closes the door and drives off.

"Where are we going?" Kate asks DJ Freeze.

"My secret base", said DJ Freeze.

"Great, let's go", said Kate.

"Is our baby okay?" DJ Freeze asks Kate, as he drives to the secret base.

"She is fine", said Kate, while looking at her baby sleeping.

Finally, DJ Freeze made it to his secret base which is a warehouse, the door of the secret base opens, DJ Freeze drives into the secret base, and the door of the secret base automatically closed.

All night, Kate and DJ freeze with their baby, staying at the secret base, and not a single police car passed by.


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