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Many years down the line,
"Some fruits or some bread," I heard from my father,
"The two will do please," I replied.
My lips got dried up as lack of vitamins,,
Fruits will help the situation, as bread will also save me from hunger.
"No my son" My father replied, "Choose one."
As intelligent as i was in my astute nature,
My father asked, "A suit or a shoe,"
"Can i have both please," I replied,
This shoe is nice and will orchestrate my steps,
The suit as well rhymes with my complexion.
"No, just one" My father replied.
As adult stage crawled in,
"A laptop or a smart phone," My father asked!
"Obviously the two sire," I craved.
The laptop will be of help on academic rush,
The phone will also impress Adeola my crush.
"No, only one" He replied.
As a sweet salary earner and my business in line,
I asked myself, "A house or a Rolls-Royce?"
"The two will be good" I answered.
Shelter and comfort the house will give,
Perfection and elevation, the car will add.
I huzzled and sweat for life,
Hmm, no fearless lines for I'm truly Scared here at this junction.
Wirra! The examination of life sitting right on my lap,
The tales of my father rang through my head,
As i looked front and back, thinking about the decision to take,
Nodding my head at karma.
Appealing to scale of preference for a conclusion on the altar of choice,
On how to satisfy the goddess of decision.
Thomas Oluwatosin
©Fearless Lines


  • yup bro i am glad to know that you too have beliefs in our culture, rituals and our god and goddess ... and bro one thing to mention, the goddess is known as "DEVI DURGA" who is known to end all the evils and as the creator of universe and all nature in our HINDUISM...😍😍

    Mar 25, 2021

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