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Always awake while asleep nor always asleep while awake,

My eyes are stitched open to watch out for tricks from the fake,

It's a feeling I can't shake that carries slithering amnesia of a snake,

My feet don't touch the ground with a  disconnection of persistent quakes,

I'll never be able to relate with reality, but I'm reminded through my constant aches, 

Life has forgotten about me, while my death creeps upon my agency to claim it's stake,

An endless loop everyday in this remake, shrouded by different outcomes like snowflakes,

I have a purpose within my drive to pursue, a cursive path wrapped within a rattlesnake,

The tightening grasp to keep death back from a relapse, looking for my daybreak,

Shooting downhill without any brakes, asleep at the wheel unable to wake,

This Somnambulist can't be his fullest, not if he's without gas from the heartache,

The end still come only to hope the nightmare is done, he just needs a shake,

There's too much pain to stop, too much before it's too late, as he's going over the edge into a blackened lake. 


  • Mar 24, 2021

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