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They just call me

A brokenhearted woman

Living a life

Of toil and shame

I don't remember

Where I came from

But I ended here

Just the same

Memories of life

Lived in ease

Echo in my

Troubled mind

Images of glitter

Gold and fame

Flitter and wave

Like a moth to a flame

I Jitter and twitch

When I've gone without

Withdrawl is my poison

I can do without

Ravings of lunacy

Brought into the light

Ravage my now

Fragile mind

Death is my enemy

No, yes, my constant friend

Sure, it ain't been easy

Living on the street

But I have survived

These many years

Just been so alone

I no longer feel my tears

Burning with chills

Fever chase my strength

I can hear the devil

Chasing through my veins

Opium my god

I bow to every day

Chasing away

Who I think I am

A quarter if you please

A nickel you can spare

Just a little something

Mister if you dare

Go ahead and laugh

Yeah, just walk on by

You don't really care

If I live or die

I stumble and I weave

When I take my leave

Never looking back

To see how I'm perceived

No notion of repentance

No ideas how to change

That's why I've become

A woman of shame

Ignored by all

Seen by none

Hunger is my

Driving need

Tramp or bum

What have I become

That you all

Ignore my need


  • Mar 24, 2021

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