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we were born into a racist family...every person is born with  a mark..each person still carries some sort of prejudice in the pit of our stomachs. As children we listened to the adults spew their venom, and us as children made their sickening views our own because they were our parents and the ones we trusted..that goes for every beautiful people of color. There are not any races superior above anyone's race. We are all as one...each race needs one another..not fight over which color is best or worse..God created all of us for at the least, to love one are we doing now? Is he pleased.?  Pull it together and stop all this hate...only love conquers hate.  Check yourself...don't believe  what you were fed as a are grown and you need to k in the very depth of your soul...let His light pour in and remove the things that were meant for harm and He will replace it with love, mercy and grace....there, you shall find your peace.




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    Mar 24, 2021

  • Mar 24, 2021

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