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I am sharing this with anyone who wants to watch. I have carried this burden since age 4...thats the earliest that I can remember when the abuse started.  Actually it still has never ended because I continue to carry the heaviness and the shame of my family...the ones who took care of me and played with me everyday of my young life. I was told to be silent..never tell anyone and I even got slapped around by a person in my family if i dared to say anything. It was held over my head for so long...but I am not going to be silent anymore...I am the victim...they are the predators...2 of them have passed away and honestly I do not miss them. one is still here but the relationship just can't be fixed because they don't feel like they did anything wrong. I am tired of hiding in the shadows, I am tired of being walked on...I am a SURVIVOR!!!  longer a victim and even tho this video is dark, dont worry I am in a good place now, at least for the moment. It changes everyday and I created this a few years ago and did not share with anyone, only my closest friends that have been in the trenches with me.  I still feel shame...I was told by my mother that I must have liked it because I never told them.  I have always been treated like crap by the entire family but I can proudly say, I am very very strong and if there are others out there raise your battle flags because we are survivors and we will win the war...NEVER BE QUIET IF YOU ARE BEING TOUCHED AND NEVER BE SILENT WHEN YOU FEEL DEATH IS THE BEST OUTCOME!! REACH OUT THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE THAT CARES, KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS. I SAY BYE BYE BYE TO MY PREDATORS AND HELLO TO PEACE OF MIND.


  • Mar 24, 2021

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