Your A Piece Of Shit!!!! Read Count : 18

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I cant stand a man who think tht spendin money on u mean he showin how much he like/love u mfer i can get money on my own i dont need urs thank u u wanna show how much u love someone try doin something they want to do it's not all bout u. 

If she is always doin for u and u cant even sit with her while she cooks for u. Then ur a piece of shit. 

If she always let u fuck her without foreplay or bein turned on and u cant see the pain ur causing. Then ur a piece of shit.

If she has completely changed everything about her for u and you play blind to it. You are a worthless piece of shit. She will leave you and thats wat u deserve u piece of shit.


  • speakin about ur life

    Mar 23, 2021

  • Mar 23, 2021

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