I'm Daddy's Baby Girl Read Count : 30

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic
Set scene: I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner and washing dishes in my big girl clothes like I should do every day it's rule 1. Then one time daddy pulls in 5:35 p.m. I act as I didn't hear him pull up or come in the door as for I am supposed to greet him as he opens the door. So daddy comes up behind me whips me around, with a sturn angered looked upon is face. Ask am being lectured about breaking the rules. I giggle. Then daddy whips off his belt while still holding both my wrists in his one hand and takes me across his knee and proceed to spank me with his belt. After I take 6 lashes 1 lash per year, daddy then takes me in his arms and cradles me and kiss me all over even my now swollen tinder ass with every touch I jump from the pain but more the excitement of it all. My tears now dried and I'm starting to drip from daddy's kiss. Daddy notices me drip on his leg  and his kiss moved from my ass cheeks to my socking wet pussy, as he kiss and licks on my fat pretty kitty I see daddy has done got arouse. I then unzip his pants and started giving daddy head. Next thing I know I'm being pulled up by my wrist into daddy's arms pushed into the wall wrist in one hand throat in the other. As he takes my breath away with his deep forceful kiss he lets go of my throat and slips his hand between my legs and into my wet throbbing kitty has he teases me with his fingers and kisses he spends me around facing the wall he rips off my clothes and hickes me up the wall onto his giant throbbing hard dick he dose it oh so tender and deep. He then starts to walk twords the bathroom with me still on his dick backwards. Then in the shower he spends me to face him. Now interlocked wet, soapy and slippery daddy rinses me off and drys me takes me into the room and ties me to the bed with my pink and green wedge pillow under my back. He then starts to tease me again even more vigorously then before and once im dropping and and making puddles on the bed daddy then takes hi giant cock and sticks it deep in my kitty and begins to thrust deep and hard with every stroke he get deeper and hard by this time I'm squirting everywhere. Then daddy sticks his cock in my tight ass and I squrit and nutt all over daddy right then he pulls out washes it oof and make me lick him clean. Then he goes back to my tight wet squrting throbbing kitty and he punishes my kitty til he just about to cum he then rips me off him and stick his cock deep in my throat and then finishes all over me.


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