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We are living in an unrealistic world.
Everything around us is just an illusion.
Whay we say around, what we feel, and what we immense in terms of joy will all come to an end one day.
We are all living to strive, to reach success and harmony, peace, stability.
Many people still having suffering in their lives, inability to reach what they want to do. This is because we are not conscious of what is happening around us. We do acts but we are not conscious. Why?
The 'i' and the 'me' have a negative impact on us maybe we don't realize it. But people have you ever feel that you are focusing on yourself too much. You are focsing on how to solve your health issues, how to let go or clear off my debt. Generally speaking, we people own thinking is misleading ourselves and projecting a poor version of ourselves right. What we need to do is to lead a normal life, don't ever think of yourself and focus on discovering life. Because we may not realize it people we have lots of thing to learn other than spending unnecessary time focusing on our problems. Let go of it and focus on enlightening yourself. 


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    Mar 23, 2021

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