The Irascible Jezebel Read Count : 14

Category : Poems

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Pure happiness blanketed by the darkened hatred of Jezebel,

Translucent soul up against a skeletal black hole of evil multigenerational,

The invested peering eyes ascertain his demise to be indispensable,

While he grasps what is real, only for her to steal like a professional,

Her narcissistic personality consumed everyone drastically as a collectable,

Getting closer to the truth is where her words would shoot at the expendable,

You're never to reclaim as she buried under her shame the unquenchable,

Sucking you dry as the anger would deny all confirmed lies was intentional,

Her irascible personality was hidden within her fallacy that's inaccessible,

For the dreaded Jezebel consumed all who were close with a burning hell undefendable,

A blackened flame from within, willing to sacrifice the kin, just to stay perched on the pedestal.


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