Lost Is Crazy Town Read Count : 19

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Pulp Fiction
I'm blind but still see 20/20
I feel off, not myself, the non-haha kind of funny
Not quite right since crashing here last night
It's the craziest of times, in the dark, when lights most bright(?)
I know I'm right, correct in fact, in spite of the non-factual side of life in which we thrive 
Where righteousness met its untimely demise and died
Still nonsense survives 
Where, I wonder, is the rabbit hole through which I arrived 
When I followed the hare who was late, and had absolutely no time
To stop and say hi, bye he called out behind as he ran as if life
Itself depended on not slowing down in his flight.
It's not important to mention him again
He's unconsequential to the story herein
Here up is down and down is side ways 
But north is south if you follow what I say
You're a whole lot better off than I am up in my brain
It feels like Dr Seuss himself 
Was architect who planned this unnamed, strange plain, astral thing, on which we hang
Or whatever we do until we emancipate from our chains and fly away
On to greener greens indeed anticipating when we do touch down to stay
Escape the ratrace in the pasture of yesterday
To bask in the grandure of the less enslaved
We transcend and thus skip over all that block our way 
Or so we hope is what transpires when the rain clouds disapate which brings to light the sunny days
We wait for eagerly for months for
going nuts till summer comes out of the woodwork to save our brains from almost going unrequitedly insane
And then the season morphs into a heathen
For no reason other than to just be mean and 
Goes from green and blue to gray and black
In fact the dreary on which I've pondered weak and weary 
Nearly dead but clearly steering
True enuff to fool and find my query
Lost inside the limits of the queerly zany maybe it's the craziest of all the crazy towns


  • Mar 23, 2021

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