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Trapped inside

Of a body denied

The simple joys of life

Mind is moving

Fast as light

But the body is resistant still

My voice is gone

Communication failed

I feel like an idiot

Feel my age

Older than before

Unable to be a man

Frustration from


To communicate my needs

Days go by

And nights so slowly

Feel like I’m not who I used to be

Seeing so clearly

What it’s done to you

But not able to show you me

Whenever you cry

I feel pain inside

But I can’t tell you why

Oh let me be

The man I used to be

Before this indignity

I’ve cried a thousand times

Screamed even more

At the plight that has become me

Static on the outside

Covers who I am

Does not show the turmoil here

Far from the promised land

Be my strength

To lift me up

As I escape this fog

Pull apart 

The curtains here

That kept me in the dark

Unable to show

Gratitude or thanks

But time will change my ways

From clumsy oaf

To manageable clod

All with your help

GOD find my voice

When words do not come

When actions betray my pride

My inability to do

Ordinary things

Has knocked me down to size

Pray for me

For I long to be

A man of every day

Not tied down

In a chair pushed round

Or a flimsy hospital gown


  • beautiful 😍😍

    Mar 22, 2021

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