World Of Elves The Series Episode 1 Read Count : 37

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Romance

(The opening starts with Watson: a man who has short brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans with a blue background)

(Piano playing)

(Kenzo: a man who has long blonde hair with star barrettes in his hair on the left and the right,  wearing  a green shirt, blue jeans with a purple background)

(Mila, who has straight blonde hair, wearing a pink dress with a pink background)

(Jaxtyn and Kylo had short blond hair, wearing a blue jacket, brown shirt, blue jeans, and brown sneakers with a brown background)

(Zoey has two brown ponytails that are curly, wearing  a purple shirt, black jeans, and black shoes with a yellow background)

(Nora has long straight brown hair, wearing a red dress and heels with a red background)

(Addison has short brown hair, wearing purple pjs with a green background along with a pitbull named Rocco and a golden retriever named Beau)

(Guitar starts to play and the title 'World of elves' appear in green)

(The opening shows Watson teaching elves wearing glasses and pointing to the chalkboard with a stick)

(Kenzo reading in his bookstore)

(Mila in a pink room spinning around)

(Jaxtyn and Kylo are in costume shop, then the screen shows inside the twins helping people find the perfect outfits)

(Beau and Rocco bark happily)

(Addison is using magic with a magician)

(Watson and Kenzo facing shadows, then the family appears and fight)

(Watson and Kenzo kiss)

(The opening ends with Watson, Kenzo, and their family is in front of a house)

Narrator: A week later after Kenzo and Watson's wedding.

(Watson and Kenzo are walking around town, while Kenzo is looking at his phone that has a GPS device on it)

Kenzo (points to the right): The house is over there.

(Kenzo and Watson see a house with a golden aura, so they walk to it)

(A few minutes later, Kenzo and Watson were inside the house)

Watson: Let's split up, I'm going to be down here, and you go upstairs.

Kenzo (smiles): Alright!

(Watson and Kenzo split up)

(Watson walked into a very clean kitchen. It also has a chandelier, two tables, a microwave, a refrigerator, a deep freezer, and plenty of cabinets)

(Watson looks through all of the cabinets)

Kenzo's voice: This place has a jacuzzi!

(Watson giggles)

Watson; A jacuzzi? How interesting.

(Watson looks into the living room seeing a flat screen television)

Watson: Odd, this place seems to be set up like someone already moved here, but it says nobody lives here, I hope that won't be trouble.

Watson (walks to the stairs, and yells): Kenzo! You alright?

Kenzo: Yeah, I'm just in an ordinary room.

(Watson sighs with relief)

Kenzo: Did you know, these rooms have mini refrigerators?

Watson: This place seems too much like a mansion except something like a huge yard (looks up at the stairs) Say Kenzo, did you happen to find any blueprints of this place?

Kenzo (as he eats an apple along with looking at the blueprints): Yeah, I'm looking right now, I found behind the mini-fridge, it seems this place was supposed to have been built for a rich family, but I'm guessing they couldn't finish it in time.

Watson (suspicious): How do you know the family is rich?

Kenzo: Because it says 'The Valli Family House', and I recognized that name from a movie I was watching based on their lives.

Watson: The Valli Family?

Watson (thought): guess, I had nothing to worry about, after all none of the magicians or magical beings have strong enough magic or skill to build a place like this, though this place does seem a little too perfect.

Kenzo (worried): Watson! Are you alright?

Watson: (shakes his head) Yeah! Just deep in thought.

Kenzo: Okay, I'm going to check the bathroom.

Watson: Alright!

(Watson saw a stairs behind a door that was in the kitchen, then he walked downstairs with his phone's flashlight on, since he didn't see a light switch)

Watson (while holding his phone): You know, this feels like an adventure, I wonder if I would find something down here like cobwebs, a treasure box or maybe a bunch of creepy dolls.

(Split screen shows Watson and Kenzo walking and shows both of them looking shocked)

(Still in split screen, Watson sees a basement full of creepy dolls, a dreamcatcher, apple, and thorns and Kenzo sees a gothic room, it has toys, outfits)

Watson: Saw that coming.

Kenzo: Didn't see that coming.

Watson: Well, I must investigate.

Kenzo (looks on the right): What is that a letter?

Watson (opens the back of a doll): Is this a chip? (Phone rings) (picks up the phone) Hello

Kenzo (on the phone): Hey, Watson, you can read German right?

Watson: Yes, why?

Kenzo: Because I just found a letter and it seems German.

Watson: Send it to me.

(Watson gets a message of Kenzo's letter, but what Watson saw it wasn't German, but a secret code)

Watson: It's not German, it's a secret code, and it translates to 'anybody who lay their hands on the treasure will die'.

Kenzo (drops the letter): Die?!

Watson: Kenzo, calm down, obviously the treasure isn't here, but I clue might be here, besides that is only warning the people wanting to take the treasure.

Kenzo: Right, and we (walked out the door with his phone to his ear) only want to find a home to live in.

Watson: Right, I'll meet you by the stairs.

Kenzo: Got it.

(Watson throws the chips, puts a spell over it in the form of a circle with signs of the Chinese zodiacs)

(Episode ends with Watson walking out of the basement)


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