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Kick me I bounce 
Push me I fall
Hurt me I'm weakened
But stronger over all
Challenge me I'm up for it 
Pressure me I  stall 
Trigger me enough though 
I might run face first 
Right Into a fucking  wall
Please me I'm rotten
Tease me I'm golden ish
Leave me when I'm at my worst and 
Glutton for a punishment
I can't believe my devine Life
Is so god  damn  irrelevant 
It's like I'm alive 
Just for the hell of it 
What is all of this for 
Whos got faith 
Why the allure 
The end is Approaching so fast 
As if our future is ever present 
But the landscape is so vast 
At halfway their I fear
 I might never get it
And this world will swallow me up 
If I let it
I may live to regret it....


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