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No, She Did Not Die Because She Loved Money, No, She Died Because Her Heart Like Funds Got Embezzled, She Died Because She Loved Wholeheartedly The Wrong Man, But It's Good To Die For The Cause We Believe In,

If So Then Don't Hate Me Because, The Christian's Die Believing In Good Word Of The Lord Almighty, She Did Not Die Because She Got Played, In Love Whether One Sided Or Two Sided Like A Coin, The Mistake Of The Involved Partner Are Useless Like A Coin With A Hole In It.

She Died Because Her Heart Was Flawless, As In It's Imperfect Perfections She Saw An Attribute Worth Holding To, In A Man Whom Led Her To The Final Resting Place Where Like A Radiat She Shoned

She Shoned Like A Diamond Reflecting Its Presence In The Deep Horrendous Water, Neither The Gloom, Nor The Heavy Rain Nor The Angry Clouds Could Thwart Her Love For The Man She Obeyed Nothing But Great Gratitude To, .

She Died With Her Heart Still In Love, And I Heart Corpse With Unfinished Business Do Come Back And This Time The Promised Will Be Kept Or Else An Eye For An Eye

She Died 

Terrain The Poet 


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