Drunkness Can Be Painful For The Mind! Read Count : 14

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller
           Chapter 1
   The woods was highly windy, high above the sky, the clouds rumbled as what was left of greenery grass was brushed with hard winds. There Anit played, unadvised of danger of wondering in the woods. Anit was eleven, her dress she loved to wear was white with big flowers and smaller flowers colored pink. Anit has black eyes and black hair, her hair was long down to her knees. Anit was always fascinated by keeping small insects or any small animals, she could find and she wanted to care for them, as if nature was not doing a good job. Anit saw it in a small web, a spider it had a small body but long long legs. She wanted it, so she reached out to grab it, and she let her little friend walk on her hand, she stared at the spider as the wind blew, she thought maybe the wind would take her little friend but she held the spider close to the brown tree limbs that covered the ground in the woods. Then she heard a snap, crushing sounds near by, so she looked up and around her, for the woods was empty of sounds of birds. "It's just the wind" she said to herself. Then Anit tried to look for her long legged friend which disappeared suddenly in to the pile of dead twigs, she glanced at her home then the small creek that floored nearby. Hardly anyone comes around here to visit her mother and father. And her grandmother and grandfather lived in a house up on the hill. Anit's attention changed as a gust of wind blew at her, and she turned to face the woods that separated her from her home. For a long time she stared into the woods, almost as though she saw something moved, she could almost see what colored shirt that was peeking out behind a tree. Anit felt the urge to go see what or who it was. She knew she shouldn't, she felt a fear within her stomach, a danger feeling.But of what danger? She did have to know, what was that color of red she saw 


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    Jan 14, 2021

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