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There was a tree,
Which was usually free.
Its leaves always sparkles and glee,
That tree loves all, also me.

It gave all, whatever it had,
They sucked everything,
Whatever they got.
No one thought of it to save,
As soon as, it will be short.

For a long term,They used it hardly,
In term of use, they hurt it so badly.
At then also, it gave all what it have,
And the shameless never hesitated to grab.

That year monsoon was insane,
All have got but it did'nt gained.
The wind blow broke its no. of wing,
What a pain it would be, i can't sing.

(As they got the news,)
They came very fast to harm it,
To slash it, to slaughter it.
They did'nt think not a bit
Some started slaughtering, some quit.

None talked about the murder,
None even cried.
None got the tears,
And They weren't shy.

I woke up immediately,
I was so scared.
This might will be reality,
And this is their's dare.


  • hello everyone, i love to write. right or wrong i don't care. as now i am just practicing and just giving words to my thoughts. in this also there will be plenty of errors but as i said i m practicing so it don't matters for me. but one day you will definitely read the perfect art work thank you

    Jan 13, 2021

  • Feb 01, 2021

  • Feb 05, 2021

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