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Hermonie's pov.
It was the day I go back to hogwarts I was so excited I grabbed my bags and headed down stairs to see my parents I gave their memory back they were all the way in Astoria 4 aruors help me find them I got a noticed about 3 years ago when they brought them back they were mad at me but it was worth it "Hey honey I hope you have a good year at hogwarts this year" My dad said "Me to" I said as I gave my parents a kiss on their cheeks and left to go to the playatfrom that went to the first time we went to hogwarts I got on the train I went down to the gryinfdor side and I opened one of the doors to see ginny sitting there alone "Hey gin!" I said happy to see her "Mione!" We gave each other hugs and we sat down talking for hours until ginny fell asleep 2 hours later we were at hogwarts now I woke up ginny we grabbed our things and put them in our ginryfindor common room they we went back to the great hall then I saw Mafloy sitting at the slytherin table "Gin look" I wisperd to her "What?" "Mafloy is here" I said "Where" "Over there at slyhrin table" I said he looked at me I blushed for some reason I looked away l felt him still starring at me.
The 4th chapter is gonna be here Friday so enjoy the 3 chapters that I've made!!


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    Jan 13, 2021

  • Jan 13, 2021

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