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Draco's pov
I got a letter from hogwarts saying that I was welcomed back I didn't want to go because I knew the facy golden trio was going to be there granger,potter and weasle bee are very annoying epically granger she always talks about books and she knows everything I also didn't want to go back because of what happened I know people are gonna judge me for what my father did my mother told me to go back so I sent a letter saying I'll go back "You get everything packed dear for your trip to hogwarts tomrrow?" My mom asked "Yes mom" I said "Good now eat your breakfast I will be back later on today" Narssicra said to draco "Ok mom" draco ate his breakfast and went to his mother's library he only wanted to go in her library because it had less dark stuff in it and he really did want to change that ment he had to be nice to the gold trio.
Here is chapter 2 I I know it's kinda bad but like I said I am trying my best here!


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