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Hermonie pov.
I was really hoping that hogwarts was done getting rebuild I really wanted to go back and finish my last year even though it might be tuff because in the battle we lost pefsore snape,the head master dumdfore Dobbie and Fred(I think or was it the other one) if hogwarts was done rublided I really do hope we could go back only if Mafloy isn't there his father got sent to abzan for working with the dark lord his mother helped harry so draco and his mother just got the Mafloy mannor I was sitting on my bed when a femailr owl was pecking at my window..could it be? I opened my window and took the letter out of the owls mouth I opened it and it was from pefsore micgonall the letter said..Dear ms.granger you are welcomed to repeat your 7th year at hogwarts-Pefsore micgonall. As soon as I read the letter I got a pice a quill and wrote I would love you to come back and repeat my last year at hogwarts-Hermonie Granger I put the letter in the owls mouth for it to send it back to pefsore micgonall I wrote to my friends and they wrote to me. Ron and Harry are not coming back but ginny is..we both hope Mafloy isn't there he can be mean but I don't know he might have changed we'll see
How did I do with my first book not to good or is it good I tried my best so..that's what's matters


  • Aaliyiah Comley

    Aaliyiah Comley

    The author:This is my first time writing someting like this I am really pround of myself

    Jan 13, 2021

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