Chapter Two : Maîtresse Nathaly Has A New Experience With Her Newest Friend Emily Read Count : 93

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Emily - when your lovely eyes started to look at me ,I had a strong sexual feelings about Us get naked together and you giving me a good brain fucking with the toys and strapon we had your cuckold go get for us that night .also that night was very special and romantic because i had you in my mind all night at the Cheese Festival .the romantic part was when you make love to me a limousine and make feel hot and warm like a sister . beside you couldn't stop fucking my brains out because you were very in a deep love with me as a Sister ….

Nathaly - Yes this moment was special, I liked when our bodies were intertwined, to feel your chest firm against my skin .... You were so wet, that I loved to caress your sex.  When I put my tongue there, I reveled in your nectar, while feeling your body react each time my tongue touched your forbidden places.  I was getting more and more humid and excited.  Your lips on hard breasts made me forget everything, I was in a daze.

I knew my submissive was next to us, but I couldn't see him anymore .... Even if he had to get hard in his chastity cage, I only saw you, even if he had to wet like a pig.

Emily - Yes I totally Agree with you I love it when your delicious and divine tongue was in my forbidden places , because  it me so Crazy and all i could dream of was You Nathaly Fucking me all Night hardcore also it make me so wet i cum three times for you and that, when you kiss me and make me more wet meanwhile your submissive try touch one of my Forbidden holes and was trying to get his little penis close to my holes  . and i was so scared i leave the Cheese Festival 

to be Continued Cheese Festival? 


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