A Moment Festered A Thought Read Count : 31

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Loneliness it can sometimes weigh heavy on my mind 
a void of which consumes me 
the destructive family past that makes me crave a new beginning the idea of childbearing the physical enlightenment within me glows
 to break a pattern I've always known a love I have  
I feel it could break me if I don't share it i can be within my own space within the now and within the world around me but it's not long..
before I miss the sound of breathing..
the sound of feet running..
across the room with a new story or even the sound of chattering..
even if it be the endless gossip that will never educate my mind.
my own presence seems to only long for the presence of another...
 a day here and there to see someone special...
but we both know it only makes that void bigger knowing you don't have to be alone yet..
you are what's your story tell me ? Written in the present now the outcome is where I am in the present moment in thought..


  • Jan 12, 2021

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