Among Us Read Count : 26

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
Caleb as Lucas (Red)

Ethan as Ben (Cyan)

Samantha as Emily (Blue)

Hunt as Carly (Pink)

Bryce as Kelvin (White) 

Maw maw as Jamie (Black)

Mom as Jessica (Yellow) 

Charlie as Larry (Orange)

Imopsters: Black and Yellow
Crewmates: Red,Cyan,Orange,Blue,Pink and White

Blue - gets pushed in trash and gets chopped up.

Orange - is on the toilet watching porn hub and the toilet over floods and blows up and orange goes flying threw the sky.

Pink - gets voted out and loses oxygen and can't breathe.

Red - when the lights are off gets stabbed in the gut and falls to the ground.

Cyan - when the lights come back on gets shot in the chest.

White - gets betrayed and forced on knees and gets shot in the head.

Yellow kills Blue
Black kills Orange 
Black voted out Pink
Yellow kills Red
Black Kills Cyan 
Yellow kills White


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    Jan 12, 2021

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