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It's toxic sometimes to think about too. Can you guess what? At some point of time, I feel like it's so good but the other time, I feel so upset that I could not even adjust with my own life.I feel lost, I feel so weird kind of feeling, I cry sometimes and make myself feel comfortable. I try my every effort to become stable. But you know! Nothing really works.  People say that it's the infatuation you feel for someone. They call it a waste of time and tell me to move on. In that case , I feel so uncomfortable to talk with them, as they could not figure it out. Even I couldn't. I try and try, or, I cry and cry. But the results are same. Everytime, I am exposed to that situation again, I find myself troubling again. But with time, it seems like those feelings are erasing. The feelings of those very little joy sinked into an ocean of tears are erasing. Aren't you happy? Have you noticed that a toxic thing also works the same. From outside, it seems like so amazing! But when you taste it, it's so heart-breaking. When the people around me term it as "infatuation" , I call it as " toxic ". They say it's better not to get sinked into it. I say, " it's your wish whether you wanna believe that it's toxic, or test it".For me, at the end I have remained with no much feelings. It will not be wrong if I say that I am in a little peace now.


  • Jan 30, 2021

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