The Wind Can Take Any Form! Read Count : 16

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The wind can take any form.
Sometimes, it brings the freshy feelings!
Sometimes horribly terrifying one.
Another time, it brings us some lessons.
And then some other time, it's a challenge.
It even brings the token of ourselves.
A lot of times, it itself forms the mirror.
It is so strong right? And being a mirror it shows us how strong we could be! 
No doubt it can bring us a millions of loss,
But at the end of the scene, there is silence.
The silence of those hard times.
The silence of those struggling times.
And the silence of those tensed times.
The wind comes taking any form
The nature wished it to be;
And the nature is in our mother,
So, the wind takes the form of a surprise test,
Not for our downfall, but just to make us learn something new!



  • Jan 12, 2021

  • Jan 12, 2021

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