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I didn't know that if you
Didn't get married by the age of 30,
People would look at you like a weirdo.
Strange times, also, the situations!

I didn't know that love must come
To everyone at the same age.
I didn't know that everyone wants me
To have the same dream as others have.

  Sometimes I laugh
Without giving them a clear answer.
Sometimes it gets annoying,
And and I try to avoid it.

But sometimes I wonder why people
Always ask the same things,
As if I wasn't "whole"
Without someone next to me.

  My wounds, my thoughts, my heart,
No one knows about,
What they are able to see
Are two brown eyes
With an empty body behind them.

  I can't find anyone because I'm not looking for,
I can't find anyone because
My heart is already closed and mute.

  I can't find anyone because
I don't want to use someone
To forget about another person.
I'm alone because it has to be that way for me.

Happiness does not always mean
Finding someone close to you.
If I don't care pretty much about,
Why do they have to worry about me?

No one is alone,
Loneliness is a feeling.
No one is strange,
We are unable to understand them.


  • Jan 12, 2021

  • Jan 12, 2021

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    Jan 12, 2021

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